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Below you will find sound samples that you can download. All Windows and Macintosh machines should be able to play the "WAV" file format. To play the WAV files, simply click on the image above the song title or click the green WAV file name and choose "play file" if prompted.

When I Fall In Love

When I Fall In Love*
514K WAV file (23 sec.)

451K WAV file (20 sec.)
Music of the Night

Music of the Night*
519K wav file (24 sec.)
If You Go Away
If you Go Away*
502K WAV file (23 sec.)

346K WAV file (16 sec.)

If We Only Have Love
If We Only Have Love*
329K WAV file (30 sec.)
Take Me As I Am
Take Me As I Am*
646K WAV file (23 sec.)
This is the Moment
This is the Moment*
786K WAV file (23 sec.)
756K WAV file (23 sec.)

Excerpts from liner jacket of Jacques Brel CD:
When I was a young singer in Canada, I went to a performance of "Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris". That evening, I fell in love with the songs of Jacques Brel.

When Brel sang, he gave everything he had to each song; each one had a different person singing it. I don't believe he ever sacrificed interpretation for vocal sound.

I perform his songs in English, as I first heard them, with the poignant translations by Eric Blau and Mort Shuman, allowing us easier insight to Brel's thoughts.

If you Go Away:
Certainly Brel's best known song that has been translated into English. I have two video clips of Brel
singing this song, and in both he cries!

Music of the Night (from Donald's previous, self-titled CD):
If I lost my voice tomorrow I would be happy in the knowledge that I have performed the role of a lifetime. I wanted the recording of this song to somehow capture how I feel while performing it on stage; not an easy task!

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* If You Go Away Copyright Jacques Brel
* Somewhere Copyright L. Berstein, S. Sondheim, Arrangement D. Cameron
* Music of the Night Copyright Lloyd Webber: Phantom of the Opera
* When I Fall In Love Copyright V. Young, Arrangement D. Cameron
* Carousel Copyright Jacques Brel
* If We Only Have Love Copyright Jacques Brel
* Take Me As I Am Wildhorn, Bricusse
* This is the Moment Wildhorn, Bricusse
* Gethsemene Lloyd Webber, Rice

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